What is more to winter than words and wind?

A snow covered road in winter with tyre marks

It is that time of year again when a colour overshadows all others: snow, the white tint that blankets most living and nonliving objects around us. Every year the world turns miraculously white. There is no deeper truth than winter’s snow. Snow has a spectacular aesthetic that combines greatness and beauty to engulf you. A season when the flowers and the land rarely get much warmth from the sun’s rays. But the ever-so-slight brightness helps them flourish through the winter snow. When you look around, the weather and the circumstances it brings appear bitter and terrible. Once spring arrives, you cherish the numbered days that have faded from your memory.

I adore the inconvenient weather and severe cold that winter brings. It leads us to break our routines, take a breather, and walk away from our regular routines. How could you not be smitten by the visual shift it brings? Winter snow turns the world white and transforms the clouds into a wonderful purple hue that takes over the sky before the sun drops. When you peek out the window first thing in the morning, you are greeted with a hazy whiteness that signals the snow.

You bear with these chilly days and fierce frosty nights as you do with an individual you don’t like getting along within your circle. But as the days pass, you find out the beauty within and you befriend both. The winter brings along the splendour and the memories, which are more valuable to you than anything else in the world.

When you look at this photo in my collection, it says a thousand words. The snow on the road urges you to write a narrative. It provokes in you a sudden rush for the probe of what it has caused to the people. The tyre tracks, the many directions, all tell you tales, and you feel you are right in the middle of it all.

The snow gossiped and hinted at storms and birds. It told a new story every morning. Few grinned and sniffed the sharpness of the air. It’s the most talkative weather there is.

Katherine Rundell

Have you ever noticed how snow brings back the child inside you? The child who had become lost in the shuffle of daily routines, changing friends, and relationships? When the winter snow takes you off guard, the sheer beauty of it may make your heart skip a beat. Every time you see snow, you feel compelled to run outdoors, take a handful, and do whatever your heart tells you to do. There is no deeper truth than winter’s snow. If you believe in the beauty of small things, the liveliness of these events will always fascinate you no matter how old you grow. If you stop putting up walls against the childlike feelings that develop in you every time you encounter anything new, then snow matters to you.

The flakes of snow that we see more frequently than normal in the winters are one of the most delicate gifts of nature to us. What lesson do they teach us? When these snowflakes cling together, they create magic, and they leave a lasting impression on the environment wherever they cluster.

The weather is nature’s disruptor of human plans and busybodies. Of all the things on earth, nature’s disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.

Criss Jami

We recall the breakthroughs in our lives that occurred in the most unexpected moments. The love that lives in our hearts, the knowledge of the uncertainty of our lives, moments that brought us immense joy and unease, time that remained a part of our struggle to become who we are now, and our love for the snow; these occurrences are not some random happenings in reality. They may have always been with us, in the layers of our memories, some new and some old, and it is possible that they will never totally fade, and we will continue to adore them until the very end.



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Sana Ahmed

Sana Ahmed

Pen Woman | Wanderess | Landscape Photographer | I document diverse aspects of life through my pursuit of transformational leadership. https://bit.ly/3b0cTbM