Who is the one Dickens of a motivator behind you?

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In our lives, many of us have experienced phases of inactivity. Have you? What is the reason behind this? It occurs because, while we may be mentally determined to complete a task, we lack the self-motivation to get started. Who is the one Dickens of a motivator behind you? You would probably agree with me that the example of a workout is one that most of us can relate to. We want to work out, but it takes longer to convince ourselves to do so. However, have you noticed that once you take that first step, finishing the entire session of a task you planned for the day becomes quite easy? After that, all you feel is a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

What conclusions did we reach? Our aim is to find the courage to take the initial step by drawing strength from within. What do we need in order to achieve that? We require self-motivation, as you may have guessed. I am confident that most of you would agree that by taking little measures, we can truly push ourselves to accomplish anything. What exactly are these steps? Who is the one Dickens of a motivator behind you? Let us have a look at them together.

This will be a comprehensive routine for you, and we may choose any action as our goal activity. I will use the workout as an example. You can consider the following examples: writing a blog, making a meal, potting a plant, and so forth. Let us go through each step one by one.

Before you begin the task, consider the positive outcomes

When you don’t feel like working out, you make up all kinds of reasons to delay it and do something else instead. But, truly, what must you do? It is like persuading yourself to perform something tough for a reward. As you feel attracted, it is a simple step to begin with. Now all you have to do is think about how you will feel once you have finished your task. I believe I will be perfectly content after my workout session, as it will enhance my physical health, brain activity, and tendency to work.

The final countdown

Believe me when I say that this is the most enjoyable bit. Consider an exercise step (or the first step in every task you want to perform), brace yourself, and swiftly count backwards from five to one. You can trick your mind into going into an active mode in a couple of seconds. Finish what you are working on, and then it will be over. You are going to induce bliss in yourself.

Make a reward for yourself when you reach your aim

This is quite important. At this moment, I would recommend self-love as always. Small rewards for yourself might help you get the most from every ounce of enthusiasm you have to finish a task. You could even do the assignment in less time than the time allotted. This prize might be anything that brings you joy. A cup of tea, a decent book, some good music, or whatever food you like are all wonderful options. Remember to reward yourself with something enjoyable whenever you feel fulfilled.

Accept the fact that today is not the best day to feel motivated

This may come as a surprise to some, but it is important to have in mind that it is perfectly alright to allow yourself the pleasure of feeling human and not be excited about working out at all, even after attempting the first three steps. You may completely take that sleep or do nothing at all, take a day off, and bask in the sensation. Slight pauses can help you feel better about taking the time to rest, but don’t overdo it. Read the next step instead.

Just do it already

This is the most simple, yet most effective strategy. You considered the good consequences, counted down from 5 to 1, devised a reward plan, and accepted the reality that you wouldn’t be able to achieve it that day. Okay, just get up and do it right now. What should you avoid at all costs? You should not spend too much time thinking about what you need to accomplish, because once you do, your mind will generate all kinds of reasoning, which will lead to the creation of excuses. As soon as you consider the many challenges, your mind will invent a variety of excuses for you to postpone the activity. It’s not a good idea to go there. Simply pull yourself up and enjoy the experience.

These are the strategies that can genuinely benefit you. Who is the one Dickens of a motivator behind you? Give these a shot and let others know about your experiences. By all means, be upbeat and enthusiastic about self-motivation in whatever you choose to do.



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